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Shantal Soler's Profile

Get 120 FREE CREDITS, for a private show with me.
Credit Tier

Shantal Soler

Customers rated Shantal Soler 5.0 out of 5 based on 30 reviews

100% goddess of femininity, lust and love.

Shantal Soler's Awards

4th of July 10,000 Credits
200 Gifts
4th of July 75,000 Credits
1500 Gifts
4th of July 2021 Participant
4th of July 100,000 Credits
2000 Gifts
4th of July 2022 Participant
4th of July 10,000 Credits
200 Gifts
4th of July 2023 Participant
3-Years Online
10,000 - 14,999 Credit Tip
5000 Favorites
10 Daily Bonus Wins
100,000 Credits in a Day
2,500+ Customers
Easter 25,000 Credits
750 Eggs
Easter 2020 Egg Hunt Winner
Easter 100,000 Credits
2,000 Eggs
Easter 2021 Participant
Easter 5,000 Credits

Tip Target

1% Completed
500,000 Credits
Target details

I appreciate any help you give me to carry out a project, I feel very grateful if you support my venture. I will let donors know what it is if they want.

Send tip for this target

Top Contributors

1. 4IOTJen
2. Lucho_Portuano

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Recent Blog Entries

Jan 24th @ 3:38am EST


too often we forget that a sexualrelationhip is not rediced to sexual relations. In fact,for most people,foreplay before sex is essential to a... Read More »
Oct 17th @ 3:57pm EDT

Walking firmly to fulfill my dreams

A while ago I started the path of fulfilling my dreams, making the decision to start as a model, leading this profession with respect and love,... Read More »

My Recent Reviews

 More Reviews Post Review
February 29, 2024 Shantal is synonymous with a miracle, a light of hope, that invades any world that is fortunate enough to ...
January 25, 2024 one of the very, very few treasures… so classy and intense. 100% pleasure.
January 24, 2024 She is a special woman, rare and unique in her special way, you have to learn to love her and understand ...
January 20, 2024 Shantal es una de las mejores mujeres de esta pagina por la personalidad que tiene, además de por su ...
January 19, 2024 She really surprised me. She has an absolutely beautiful body and is the sexiest woman I've met here ...
January 18, 2024
EddyZandoval wrote:
Shantal one the most beautiful woman in here ❤️ never get tired talking to her, she's fun ...

Shantal Soler's Likes

I like several things, but mainly share with the people around me. I find a beauty indescribable in the details, in appreciating everything I receive. I love dancing, traveling new places and having new experiences. I love to laugh. rnrnI'm very attracted to the spontaneous ideas, having a good conversation, exploring all kinds of subjects and enjoying what the other has for to say, those "simple things" things are fascinating. rnrnI love it to transmit because it gives me an easy to meet many people, from many places, no matter the distance and makes it fun that we can be freely naughty

My Fantasies

I'm a woman full of thoughts, and so have I too many fantasies. It's complex to choose, although I could trust you, telling you a strategy. in the more comfortable I feel, more explosive I can become. My mind is very open, so there is always room for a new fantasy, for a new desire, to know about me, to learn from some things and to have new experiences. If you want to see more, you can take me to a space where we're let's be alone, without distractions, beyond a conversation, our breaths and what we feel. What do you say?

My Obsessions & Desires

And she shuddered and felt her mind dissolve. Sharp, smooth waves of unspeakable pleasure seemed to cover her as he entered her and began the curious melting rub that widened and widened and brought her to the extreme end with the last, blind thrust.

Additional Info

I like being a lady with elegance but being naughty when I feel comfortable.

Special Info

It's a summer day at the hotel, it's night and the heat becomes ever more tenuous, the soft breeze gently acared My body. Do you they have felt it? It's amazing. I go down with my her friend to the hotel bar and we ordered a cocktail. We start talking about the trip, about anecdotes from the past and suddenly I feel watched, I turn my head and I see it, oh my god , that man. My eyes are lost at that moment, until he smiles and I can't deny my fascination, he's an older man, with seductive eyes and a lovely smile, a doom. The bartender approaches us, give us two cocktails and says "The gentleman sitting in that chair sends them", we turned around a bit, we thanked him with a smile, as a gesture of thanks and kindness. Try to think of something else, but I just feel his eyes on me, I love that.rnAll pleople around us are foreigners, they do not speak Spanish, so we can speak with a bit of freedom, being even a little cheeky. I start to think and say to my friend: - "That man, the one with cocktails, looks too handsome to me." - "Isn't he very old?" - "It seems, but that makes me more attractive."She starts to joke, we laugh a little more, she joking me with him and judg his appearance suggests that he shouldn't speak Spanish either, but I still feel his gaze on me. Then I see him approaching and he says to me: - "Would you like to take a walk? "Him heard everything, speak spanish!, Imagine my surprise (and shame). After a bit of laughter and nerves, she agreed to go with him for a walk. The moonlight follows us, we decided to go to the beach, I feel the sand under my feet and his occurrences amuse me, the conversation flows naturally, he is charming, and I kissed him, his lips are a little cold. We sit on the sand and watch the sea, he kisses me, I carassed him, I feel his soul, and I his arms. We let ourselves go, we looked at each other, we wanted to, we sensed it . something will happen, Will you be that man? Will we both be under the moon? . Will you be my fantasy?

Shantal Soler's Details

C cup
Last Online:
May 17, 2024
Eye Color:
Pubic Hair:
157cm (5ft 2in)
Hair Color:
Body Type:
In your fantasies and wet dreams
Hair Length:
September 15th
60kg (132lbs)
Body Mods:
Fake Breasts

Fan Club

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Oct. 11
Siamese Cat: hello
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