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I am here to entertain YOU, this is my job... If you still wondering why I am here and why you should tip me, you may save your time and go somewhere else.
No tipers leaderboard, kings whatever you name it. We are not in the kindergarten. If you like me you will spoil me either way. :)
*I no longer do explicit shows (toying and etc.) - I am not going to spreading wide open or toying myself for the whole world to see it. If what I can give to you is not enough, there are plenty other sexy models who are waiting for you.
*No face. Many of you know me for years now, those who do, know the fact that my face is the last thing I should hide (!) this decision is based on illegal records; My privacy.
*I am not an escort or porn star and will never be! Therefore no dating, no videos etc.
*No directing, especially with someone else's tip. I'm not acting even though I'm performing online, therefore I do not let anyone to direct me, you might ask me to do things in private shows but I have the right to deny that.
*I'm very shy so not always that talkative, here and in real life as well, my apparance and behavior doesn't define my personallity. I am the girl you can see/talk with in my daily basis.
*No PM but you can always use tipnote if you have something personal/sexy to say
*Last but not least, If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything.

- Love, Vivienne


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