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Brittany Taylor's Profile

Get 120 FREE CREDITS, for a private show with me.
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Brittany Taylor

Customers rated Brittany Taylor 5.0 out of 5 based on 47 reviews

Day2Day right? let me learn what you want,Love you,Spoil you be yours

Tip Target

2% Completed
Target: My ONLY thing I would want for My Birthday !
150,000 Credits
Target details

hihi so I just want my tooth fixed for my Birthday and to spend it with everyone on here you all know I love being on here whatever time place!! every little thing counts and I appreciate it more then u all know I know we can do it before Sunday!!!ull receive gifts use all be asking about for years now so be prepared red!!

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Brittany Taylor's Likes

Getting to know what you honestly like not to be afraid of what I would think til this day I still find it amazing what i see and every time I press that login button i learn something new either if it is about me or u showing me something you like to do that gets u off I learn something new every time and I love it that you feel comfortable enough to share that with me or how I can improve myself even if you are harsh about it but respectful and whisper it to me that is the only way I can change things but I think what I absolutely LOVE that my room never has a dull moment I go above a beyond steam in the air next to a strander or at the mall shopping with me or have my Tesla drive while I flash you we have had some great memories in my room and the fact that everyone knows each other to talk to one another in my room yes we have those quite days but everyone know my room is still fun when everyone just wants to sit back and laugh while stroking for me because once a tip or a pvt comes through I make sure ts not a game and u end up leaving happy and better yet me Happy. But all in all I learned u cannot make everyone happy not everyone is going to be the same and like the same things so I like that I can step out of my comfort zone trusting you that I will learn something new. But I have a lot of Men/Women, couples that do come in and get surprised on how I remember what gets them off after years or even a few days go by I’ll bring up how they tipped when I was saying good night it wasn’t anything that blew my mind so they even say you remember that or you remember me it’s not the amount I mean yea it is but sometimes a lot people need to understand it is the thought that counts maybe it took them over an hour to make that amount you never know so yeah some days are good and you get that one special someone that will drop
100k In your room that has been saving it just for ur attention or even those 10 tokens that end up being 50 cents I wish I can say it always doesn’t matter it adds up yeah but the fact you tipped in general makes me feel special everyone cannot be a millionaire I understand that and that's why I love when someone can come into my room and be like Britt I dont have this amount today or won't be that huge tipper I love honesty it’s refreshing coming in my room wasting no time no procrastinating trying to get that extra Buck I will ALWAYS love to make your day by sorting it out so honesty Is a huge part in my room and that I like when u can be straight up with me as I will make your day if u only ask. What is the worst that can happen ?? not wasting anytime so me knowing who u are and what u like to get straight to the point I know we both like for example asking where you want to cum, you want my tits or ass? and dirty talk?? instead of coming in and guessing believe me ill guess if u would like that I love sph and being spoiled rotten who doesn't? but ill let you do that when u feel im the right one but s u can see my likes aren't only mine it involves both sides so no my likes aren’t to please you like everyone I’m sure says but my likes are getting to know who is spending What and when if you rather not say anything LMK or just don't t talk im not here for only me I am here for the both of us so you treat me how u would like to be treated yes it is corny but I will go above and beyond ask anyone in my chat better yet Experience it for yourself I love watching you stroke for me as well many things I can tell you what I “like” for hours but I can sit here and type for hours but I rather you come take a look for yourselves if I am not your type just move move on to many many amazing models we have on this site!!

My Fantasies

HMM My Fantasies obviously outside being sneaky sneaky! Being spoiled rotten secretly so many things but I think one of my biggest fantasies is having someone I can call MINE I will NEVER ask that from you I understand you have needs and I may not be able to fill all of them but I damn will try my hardest I wish to learn how to squirt this year and to go back to outside show with my guest.we had a lot of people catch us in the wood being pulled over all while we were streaming there's never a dull moment in my room so many amazing memories I just want to learn how to do more all my new toys and the new machine I bought with new lingerie is worn only for u all I especially love it when someone that is in my room I owe them something makes be get offline to send them clips and photos taken by my guest for them

My Obsessions & Desires

we all have our different fetishes I think for one mine is pleasing your every need. I always am open to learning more I cannot get enough of experiencing new things.having sex in public has to be my largest fetish anywhere but the bed !! I love watching men listening to me and having control or tease especially if they have have a small penis and telling them what and how to do do it all just how I like it! making them lick up every drop of cum they unloaded meanwhile draining there bank accounts so their wife's or g/f can see or to get on there knees and beg me it is okay to cum it makes my day to share that connection with giving him/her exactly what they want

Additional Info

I know there is not a lot I can fit inside my tight tight creamy pussy but I would love to learn how to squirt in my shows and when they take control when I see you have spent a certain amount a couple of times I start to get comfortable with you and open up more I am shy at first but I know the right person will change that and has over the years ive noticed not only my sexual side but getting to know me personally and you waking up to non duplicated clips and photos especially now when I have someone to start taking them again I am work but I dont mind sharing like I said when the right time come ill have someone to call mine that will change their screen names for me and only me it takes time with me but well earned time I will never leave u with nothing if you are tipping in my room I will always ask u if u would like something or if they are large tips I will just give u what I know is right a fair in my eyes I am always going above and beyond even if u tip 100 tokens ill remember you and I think that's what surprises a lot of people ive been told I need to stop giving so much and higher my pvts but I like to give everyone a chance that's what I learned over the years.u won't leave my room empty handed or at least maybe better words of choice you won't ever leave my room ignored or spoiling me with nothing given back in return!

Special Info

Why cam? That is the number one question I am always asked I love my job I love each and everyone of you you guys you all go above and beyond for me if I’m having a bad day all I wanna do is sign online or if something happens the group of people I want to tell is my men aren’t that have never ever judged me (you guy). no one understands or will understand why cam? Unless you’ve actually been in our situation it’s not just a fantasy some of my closest friends are online I wish even the smallest minded people understood in my eyes why this is my life my world and will be and has been since the day I turned 18 Iloveyou All!

My Fetishes

Cock Teasing, Cum Eating, Domination, Feet, Humiliation, Jerk off Instruction, Sissy Training, Small Penis Humiliation, Submission, Sugar Daddy

My Sex Toys

Ball Gag, Ben Wa Balls, Butt Plug, Double-Ended Dildo, Feather, Glass Dildo, Handcuffs, Nipple Clamps, Vibrator, Whip

Role-Playing Scenarios

Bad Cop/Good Cop, Boss / Secretary, Cheerleader/Jock, Dirty Talk, Doctor / Nurse, Flight Attendant/Pilot, French Maid/Client, Master / Slave, Service Worker/Housewife, Student/Teacher

Brittany Taylor's Details

Caucasian / White
E cup
Last Online:
Dec 10, 2023
Eye Color:
Pubic Hair:
154cm (5ft 1in)
Hair Color:
Body Type:
Hair Length:
August 27th
48kg (106lbs)
Body Mods:
Tattoo(s), Fake Breasts

Recent Blog Entries

Jun 8th @ 12:11am EDT

oh my my

I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing week and can some how see my new games and play time after the 15th of this month kisses!! can't wait!!!!! Read More »
Feb 16th @ 12:28pm EST


hiii loves im almost done purchasing everything I know I have a lot of VIPS and I know its a lot to ask but if you can I will send one back send... Read More »
Feb 14th @ 3:43pm EST


Dont forget if you have toy of Lingerie request Let me know loves Read More »
Feb 14th @ 3:42pm EST


Well it says I am in 7th place but I did not dodo the hours I just want to thank everyone so much that stopped by just to say hi even ill bee back... Read More »
Jan 9th @ 11:18pm EST


I think it is time to make a schedule what do u say?? Read More »
Jan 9th @ 11:16pm EST

any recommendations

im buying new things for my cam room any recommendations?? Chocolates, whipped-cream..... Read More »

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